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Maxim Facility+ Products

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Making sure you have what you need to maximize sales while keeping customers safe is our top priority. With multiple benefits for users in all industries, Facility+ by Maxim is your one-step solution to earning more and protecting customers from the spread of viruses.

Made for use on multiple surfaces…
Toilets & Sinks
Door Handles
Light Switches
Meet Market Demand

One multi-purpose product. One easy step. Protection in one minute.

Many leading disinfectants use harsh ingredients that take up to 10 minutes to kill emerging pathogens like COVID-19 and the flu. With its hydrogen peroxide base and 1-minute viral kill time, Facility+ by Maxim is a gentle solution to effective disinfection and virus prevention.


Teachers can keep students safe and attendance up by disinfecting every desk in between classes.


Servers can quickly return to their guests knowing tables, chairs, and restrooms are safer than before.

Office Buildings

Janitors can easily clean and disinfect almost any hard, non-porous surfaces to protect building occupants.

Long-Term Care

Healthcare workers can better protect residents easier with a gentle, bleach-free formula.


Hotel staff can routinely disinfect touch points without spending hours on disinfection every day.

Retail & Grocery

Employees can better prevent germ-sharing when interacting with customers in their workplace.

Drive long-term growth with a Midlab partnership.

To help drive growth for your business while protecting your customers, we’re committed to providing the versatile products and innovative solutions you need. From fast-acting disinfectants like Facility+ to exclusive sales and marketing materials, Midlab is your partner in keeping Everything Clean.

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EPA Approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and the flu in one minute!


Hydrogen Peroxide Power

Easy to Use
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