Facility+ by Midlab | One Solution to Tackle All Your Cleaning Needs

Available in Half Gallon, Gallon, and 3 Liter.


to clean many surfaces!

The ONE solution

to clean many surfaces!

Clean Your Entire Facility With Facility+

See how peroxide based Facility+ can eliminate the need for all those other cleaners.

Hard Surfaces






Half Gallon Compatibility

Facility+ #37 fits our Portable and Cabinet Chemical Management Systems

Utilizing Midlab’s closed-loop Chemical Management System provides an additional layer of simplicity and protection to keep your workplace safe from concentrated chemicals, as well as ensuring accurately diluted product to properly disinfect and clean.

EPA Approved

Facility+ is a powerful, broad spectrum disinfectant with a wide array of bacterial and virucidal claims that make it a true one-step cleaner and disinfectant.


Bathrooms, glass/mirrors, floors, or even carpet… Facility+ will give you outstanding results every time on anything you clean.

The Power of Peroxide

Facility+ is hydrogen peroxide based with proprietary technology developed by Midlab to make it more a effective and versatile disinfectant cleaner.

Ease of Use

Training is one of the key challenges faced by cleaning professionals. Facility+ makes it easy with just one product to use for all your daily tasks.


Facility+ allows users to eliminate SKUs, streamline processes, and effectively clean and disinfect in one step. All at an economical cost!


At a 1:64 dilution (2 oz. of product per gallon of water), in the presence of 200 ppm hard water, 5% serum load and 10 minute contact time, unless otherwise noted, this product kills a wide variety of pathogens on hard, non-porous surfaces.

2 oz/gal
pH Range:
< 1.0

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